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Porn Addiction Characteristics

The following characteristics will help you to confirm your own addiction status. The more of these traits you find in yourself, the more likely it is that you are addicted to porn.

Out of control use of pornography
Examples include: Compulsive viewing of porn and simultaneous masturbation, very regular frequenting of strip clubs, compulsive telephone and cyber sex sessions.

Inability to stop using porn, in spite of consequences
Consequences include: Loss of partner or spouse, severe relationship problems and loss of career (e.g. being fired for viewing porn on a company computer.)

Stubborn pursuit of self-destructive behaviour
Porn addicts quite often feel that they are entitled to the unlimited supply of porn. They respond with anger if anyone comes in the way of quenching their thirst for pornography.

On-going, failed efforts to stop using pornography
Intermittently, porn addicts become aware that something is wrong and attempt to control their addiction. Some move to new cities or neighbourhoods. Others seek refuge in religious activities to soothe their shame. Pornographic anorexia may also be attempted in which addicts abstain from all use of pornography. In spite of their efforts, however, they eventually resume using pornography and may go on pornographic binges as they try to catch up on what they missed during the self imposed deprivation.

Using porn and fantasy as a primary coping strategy
Porn addicts believe that porn will solve all of their problems and fulfill all of their physical and emotional needs - visit for real life case of ex porn addict. This belief sustains an arrogant attitude toward others, that prevents them from developing meaningful relationships. This social isolation causes them to increasingly sexualize and therefore alienate people around them. As their isolation increases so is their use of porn in order to cope with the resulting loneliness.

Regular increases in the dose of pornography
Porn addicts constantly aim to increase the quantity and variety of their pornographic experience. New pornographic experiences are often identified with a sense of achievement.

Severe mood changes related to pornographic activity
Porn addicts experience intense shifts in mood, often due to shame and despair caused by their out of control addiction. Moods may acquire a particularly intense negativity during their attempts at freeing themselves from porn addiction. This is because the withdrawal symptoms that they experience are quite painful, physically and emotionally.

Spending Inordinate amounts of time on obtaining porn
A porn addict’s life is completely defined in terms of the addiction. Everything is organized around porn. Other areas of life are simply not considered. Porn addicts spend most of their days obsessing about and preparing for using porn, regardless of any other activity they are involved in. Whether at work or at home, porn addicts devote vast mental and emotional resources to their pornographic quests.